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Minecraft Survival Reloaded

A Minecraft Bedrock Edition addon that adds new food items, new food mechanics, and new food recipes to the game. This addon is designed to make the survival aspect of the game more challenging and fun. Currently the addon is in Alpha buil 1.0.0 at present it's very incomplete but showcases various additions to the game which will be expanded upon in future updates


  • added Various Food items/ingredients
    • added Flour
    • added Bread Crumbs
    • added Bread Crumb Trails
    • added Fried Chicken Batter
    • added Fried Chicken
    • added Pheonix Pepper (Currently only obtainable in Creative)
    • added Flaming Fried Chicken Batter
    • added Phoenix Pepper Fried Chicken
    • added Chicken wings
    • added Caramel & Candied Apples
  • added Battle Axes
  • added Cricket Item (currently only obtainable in Creative)
  • added Bauxite Ore
  • added Raw Bauxite
  • added Aluminium
  • added Various Mobs
    • added Rat
    • added Crow
      • Added Crow Taming
    • added Bearded Dragon
      • added Drago (R.I.P)
    • added Crab
      • added Crab Rave animation


  • Splitzy - Development
  • EmperorPhoenix - Textures, 3D Modeling, Animation, Dragos Father